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Mukbang and Binge Eating

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ID: 4626 Upper Intermediate
Mukbang is a unique and popular trend that combines livestreaming with eating. Today, let's talk about this trend in Asia!
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外号 wàihào nickname
吃货 chīhuò foodie
吃播 chībō Mukbang
频道 píndào channel
zuìjìn yǒu jǐge Zhōngguó péngyou gěi wǒ qǔ le ge hěn yǒuqù de wàihào ,jiùshì chīhuò 。yīnwèi wǒ zuìjìn kàn chībō píndào kàn duō le 。
Recently some of my Chinese friends gave me a funny nickname, and that is "foodie". Because I've been watching a lot of Mukbang channels lately.
chībō yuánzì yú Hánguó ,zuìzǎo shì zài nián de shíhou ,yǒu yī qún Hánguó rén tūrán tūfāqíxiǎng ,xiǎngyào zài chīfàn de shíhou zhíbō ,méixiǎngdào fàng zài wǎnglù shàng jiù zǒuhóng le 。
[chībò] originated from South Korea, first in 2010, when a group of Korean people had a sudden idea. They wanted to livestream it when they were eating, and they didn't expect it to go viral on the internet.
Zhōnghuá liàolǐ de wénhuà bódàjīngshēn 。
And the culture of Chinese cuisine is broad and profound.
dàwèiwáng xíng de chíbōzhǔ huì dúzì chī wán jùdà fēnliàng de shíwù 。
The big eater type of Mukbang would finish large portions of food alone.
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