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More harm than good? 饮鸩止渴—咖啡不能停

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ID: 4159 Upper Intermediate
适量饮用咖啡能帮助提神,也是许多人生活中不可缺少的部分。可是如果已经到了停不下来的地步,可能就要当心了。我们用成语“饮鸩止渴”来形容过度依赖咖啡的人,因为过量饮用是不计后果的行为,对他们的身体有害无益。也来听听两个主播区分以下几个汉语水平考试中意思相近的词语吧: 5- 调整, 心理,状况,状态,心理, 6- 牺牲,生理,依赖,依靠,生理 Learn 近义词 (synonyms, see below) in this lesson where hosts discuss coffee drinking. The idiom 饮鸩止渴 means to use incorrect methods to resolve problems without consideration of the consequences, is used here where excessive coffee can cause more harm than good.
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依赖 yīlài to depend on
牺牲 xīshēng to sacrifice one's life; to sacrifice (sth valued); beast slaughtered as a sacrifice
状况 zhuàngkuàng condition; state; situation
依靠 yīkào to rely on sth (for support etc)
nǐ zěnme chídào le zhème jiǔ ya ?
Why are you so late?
mǎi kāfēi ya 。méi kàndào ma ,ménkǒu kāfēidiàn de duì dōu pái dào jiēshang le 。
To buy coffee. Can’t you see, the queue to the coffee shop has stretched to the street.
yòu hē kāfēi ,nǐ zuìjìn zhēnshi yuèláiyuè yīlài kāfēi le !
Drinking coffee again, recently you’ve been increasing your reliance on coffee!
wǒ yě méi bànfǎ ,zuìjìn gōngzuò máng ,shuìjiào shíjiān dōu yǐjīng xīshēng le ,zhǐhǎo kào kāfēi lái títíshén r5 。
I’ve no choice, with heavy workload even my sleep time is sacrificed. I can only rely on coffee to stay alert.
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