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Mooncakes for the Staff

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ID: 2277 Pre Intermediate
Glorified paperweights or delicious traditional Chinese treats? Every autumn, Chinese offices are inundated with mooncakes - sweet, impossibly dense confections made to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. In this lesson, a boss decides what kind of mooncakes to give his employees.
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中秋节 Zhōngqiūjié Mid-Autumn Festival
员工 yuángōng employee
月饼 yuèbǐng mooncake
to send; to give out
lǎobǎn ,Zhōngqiūjié mǎshàng yào dào le 。yào bu yào gěi yuángōng mǎi xiē yuèbǐng a ?
Boss, Mid-Autumn Festival will be here soon. Do you want to buy some mooncakes to give to the staff?
xiànzài hái yǒu gōngsī fā yuèbǐng ma ?
Nowadays do companies still give out mooncakes?
dàduōshù gōngsī dōu fā ,zhǐ yǒu shǎoshù bù fā 。
Most companies give them out. There are only a few that don't.
yuèbǐng yǒu shénme hǎochī de ?wǒ měinián dōu yào rēngdiào hǎo duō 。
What's so good about mooncakes? Every year I throw away lots of them.
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