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Money Laundering Operation

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ID: 1974 Upper Intermediate
Don't you hate it when you have millions of RMB (which you claim you won legally gambling in Macau), but don't have a way of discreetly "converting" that money into squeaky clean assets, seeing as how you're a high-level official in your home county, and your constituents kind of frown on that kind of thing? Yeah, so do we. And we wrote this podcast about it.
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庄家 zhuāngjiā card dealer, gambling banker
手气 shǒuqì luck at gambling
一把手 yībǎshǒu leader, head
数额 shù é amount
dàgē ,nǐ zhǎo wǒ lái yǒu shénme shì ?
Big brother, what did you call me here for?
lái lái lái ,zuòxia shuō 。shì zhèyàng ,zuìjìn wǒ gēn jǐ ge péngyou qù le Àomén ......
Come, come, come. Have a seat and we'll talk. Here's the deal, I went to Macau with a few friends...
zǎo shuō a ,wǒ rènshi nàbiān jǐ ge zhuāngjiā ......
Why didn't you tell me? I know a few dealers down there...
nǐ děng wǒ bǎ huà shuō wán ma 。wǒ ne ,shǒuqì hǎo ,yíng le jǐ bǎ 。yíng qián shì hǎoshì ,dàn yě tàngshǒu a 。nǐ yě zhīdào ,wǒ shì xiàn lǐ de yībǎshǒu ......
Let me finish. My luck was good and I won a few rounds. Winning money's a good thing, but it can also create difficulties. As you know, I'm a county head...
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