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Misfortune from our mouths 祸从口入──管住嘴巴

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ID: 4164 Intermediate
In this lesson, you’ll learn useful vocabulary for nuts, seafood, milk etc that’ll come handy especially for persons with food allergies. 祸从口入 means to encounter misfortune (or in this case) to fall ill when an allergic person eats the wrong food. As the saying goes be careful of what we put in our mouths! HSK 4 - 出发 仔细 紧张 样子 HSK 5 - 海鲜 过敏 消化 毕竟 耽误
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口水直流 kǒushuǐzhíliú mouth watering
口福 kǒufú the luck to eat good food
忌口 jìkǒu abstain from certain food (as when ill); avoid certain foods; be on a diet
坚果 jiānguǒ nut
míngtiān jiù chūfā le ,xiǎng xiǎng nǐ néng chī dào de nàxiē měishí wǒ jiù kǒushuǐzhíliú
You’re leaving for your trip tomorrow, thinking about the good food you can eat makes me drool already.
Zhōngguó cài shì hǎochī ,wǒ jiù pà wǒ méiyǒu zhège kǒufú ya 。
Chinese food is indeed tasty but I’m afraid I don’t have the good fortune to enjoy them.
nǐ méi bìng méi tòng de ,zěnme huì méi kǒufú ne ?
You’re not ill why wouldn’t you be able to eat the food?
shì méi shēngbìng ,kě wǒ yě yǒu jìkǒu :jiānguǒ hé hǎixiān wǒ chī bùliǎo ,niúnǎi yě bùnéng hē 。
I’m not I’ll but I have to abstain from nuts, seafood and I also cannot drink milk.
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