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ID: 2597 Upper Intermediate
Who at ChinesePod has tried guided mediation class? Well if you have ever been to one, you know that it can sometimes be difficult to achieve inner peace at the same time as translating what the teacher is saying. In this lesson you will learn some great words to help you during your sessions, and put you firmly on the path towards enlightenment.
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冥想 míngxiǎng meditation
修养 xiūyǎng self cultivation or training
身心 shēnxīn mind and body
性情 xìngqíng temperament
nǐhǎo ,nǐ yīzhí lái cānjiā yújiā míngxiǎng kè ?
Hello, have you been consistently coming to the yoga mediation classes?
shì a ,yǒu yī duàn shíjiān le ,wǒ juéde míngxiǎng néng bāngzhù wǒ xiūyǎng shēnxīn 、táoyě xìngqíng shǐ wǒ jiànlì le xìnxīn yě tígāo le chuàngzàolì 。
Yes, it's been a while. I feel that meditation helps me to train both my mind, body and temperament. It's allowed me to build my confidence as well as increased my creativity.
yuánlái míngxiǎng kè yǒu zhème duō de hǎochu ,wǒ shì gè càiniǎo hái méishénme shēnkè de tǐhuì 。
Turns out there are all these benefits to meditation. I'm a newbie and haven't had any profound realisations yet.
qíshí míngxiǎng shì liànxí jiāng sīxù zhǐ tíngliú zài yīdiǎn shàng ,gùdìng bù dòng ,yǐ guānchá zìwǒ 。tōngguò páikōng zániàn ,wǒmen kěyǐ jiànjiàn de míngbai zhēnzhèng de zìjǐ ,yǐ huòdé gèng píngjìng de shēnghuó 。
In fact, meditation is the practice of focusing all your thoughts on one point and keeping it fixed there, so that you can reflect inward. By eliminating distracting thoughts, we can gradually understand who we really are. In turn, we gain a peaceful existence.
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