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ID: 2467 Upper Intermediate
Do you have business school in your sights? If so, you are most likely researching your options to determine which MBA program would be the best investment of time and money. One MBA candidate is doing just that in today's lesson!
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硕士 shuòshì masters degree
论文 lùnwén thesis
费用 fèiyòng cost
反而 fǎnér instead
Xiǎo Wáng ,zěnme le ?yǒu shénme xīnshìr ma ?
Xiao Wang, what's wrong? What's on your mind?
zuìjìn zài kǎolǜ yào bùyào qù dú gè MBA ,nǐ yǒu shénme jiànyì ma ?
Recently I have been considering whether or not enroll in an MBA program. What suggestions do you have?
gōngshāngguǎnlǐ shuòshì ā ,wǒ yǒu gè péngyou gānggāng dúwán ,xiànzài zhèngzài xiě lùnwén ne 。
Master of business administration, huh? I have a friend who just finished his courses and is writing his thesis.
ó ?tā dú de shì zàizhí de háishì quánrìzhì de ?
Oh? Is he studying while working or studying full-time?
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