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Math Class Woes

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ID: 2473 Intermediate
Does the mention of math class conjure up fond memories of blissful studying or a fatigued sigh as the tedious subject was elaborated? Join this math class as the teacher interrogates our poor student about fractions and more!
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gěi to give, for
解释 jiěshì to explain
分数 fēnshù fraction
表示 biǎoshì to express, to show
yòu shì tǎoyàn de shùxué kè 。āi ,WángXiǎoMíng ,wǒmen fàngxué hòu qù tī qiú ba 。
It's the dreaded math class again. Agh, Wang Xiao Ming, after we get out of school let's go play soccer.
lǐjiā ,shuō shénme ne ?zhàn qǐlai ,gěi wǒmen jiěshì yīxià shénme jiào fēnshù ?
Li Jia, what are you saying? Stand up and explain to us what fractions are.
fēnshù ,biǎoshì yī gè shù shì lìng yī ge shù de jǐ fēn zhī jǐ 。
Fractions show how many parts one number is of another.
jǔ gè lìzi ?
Can you give an example?
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