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Matchmaking in the Park

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ID: 1829 Intermediate
In this modern age where young people are all obsessed with their careers, what's a pushy parent to do about her single child's wedding prospects? Why, take to the streets of course! They storm the city's parks, resumes and photos in hand, doing all the matchmaking their children are too hard-working to bother with themselves. Learn more about this peculiar social phenomenon in this Chinese lesson.
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阿姨 āyí lady
人民公园 Rénmín gōngyuán People's Park
活动 huódòng event
子女 zǐnǚ sons and daughters
nǐhǎo ,āyí ,zhèlǐ shì Rénmín gōngyuán ma ?
Hello, miss. Is this People's Park?
duì a !
ò !rén zhēn duō !jīntiān yǒu shénme huódòng ma ?
Oh! There are so many people! Is there an event going on today?
wǒmen dōu shì bāng zǐnǚ lái xiāngqīn de 。tāmen gōngzuò máng ,méi shíjiān jiāo péngyou 。nǐ kàn ,zhè shì wǒ nǚ\'ér 。
We're all here to set up our sons and daughters with dates. They're busy working and have no time to meet people. Take a look. This is my daughter.
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