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Market Research 1: Consumer Survey

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ID: 1778 Upper Intermediate
There's a vast market of billions of consumers in China, so companies are clamoring to get their products in the door. But are all products right for China? It may be wise to conduct a little market research before going all in on the Middle Kingdom. This lesson deals with a consumer survey regarding motor homes in China.
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市场调查 shìchǎng diàochá market research
占用 zhànyòng to occupy
自驾游 zìjiàyóu road trip
出游 chūyóu to go travelling
xiānsheng ,qǐngwèn néng dǎrǎo nín yīxià ma ?wǒmen zhèngzài zuò yī ge guānyú fángchē de shìchǎng diàochá 。
Sir, may I bother you for a moment? We're currently conducting market research regarding motor homes.
duìbuqǐ ,wǒ méi shíjiān 。
Sorry, I don't have time.
xiǎojie ,qǐngwèn néng zhànyòng nín yīxiē shíjiān bāng wǒmen zuò ge shìchǎngdiàochá ma ?
Miss, could I take a moment of your time? Could you help us with a market survey?
hǎoba 。
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