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Making the Ordinary Life Seem Romantic Part 1

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ID: 4077 Advanced
We are very honored to have the successful columnist, Xiao Yao, from China, share this lesson with us. 肖遥-美学硕士,专栏作家,研究方向:西方美学,巴赫金狂欢理论、福柯后现代主义美学、海德格尔存在哲学、梅洛.庞蒂身体美学; 曾在南方都市报、新华网、南方周末、羊城晚报、华商报、深圳商报、济南时报、郑州晚报、安庆晚报、合肥晚报、华商报、西安晚报、温州商报、温州都市报等全国20多家媒体做专栏,给《中国新闻周刊》、《三联生活周刊》、《读者》等杂志供稿。内容包括职场、亲子、情感等各个方面。 曾发表多篇小说。代表作:中篇小说《灯夜》, 中篇童话《小鸡毛三》,学术论文《林格伦童话的狂欢美学》。 In this lesson, she offers insightful tips regarding the evolution of social media from mere places to socialize into arenas of both hard and soft sales pitches competing for advertising dollars. In Part 1, she encourages us to break from our routine, commercialized lives and to slow down and enjoy life to its fullest.
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his; her; its
比如 bǐrú for example; for instance; such as
圈里 quānlǐ circle
偷窥 tōukuī to peep; to peek; to act as voyeur
Wēixìn Péngyouquān yǒu qí ànhēi de yīmiàn ,bǐrúshuō mǎnzú tōukuī 、ànliàn 、zìliàn 、wàngxiǎng 、yìyǔ děng duōyuánhuà pǐhào 。
The WeChat circle of friends has its dark side, such as satisfying voyeurism, having crushes, narcissism, delusions of grandeur and an unlimited selection of interests.
dàn tā zhīsuǒyǐ chéngwéi xiàndàirén bùkěhuòquē de shēnghuó fāngshì ,yě shì yīnwèi tā yǒu shīyì de yīmiàn ,bǐrú Péngyouquān lǐ de hùxiāng zǒufǎng
However, it has become an indispensable lifestyle for modern people because of its poetic aspects, such as mutual visits in a circle of friends.
大多数没有目的没有理由,乘兴而去,未至而归,就像王子 猷雪 夜访戴 安 道一样,“想他她了”这个理由,单纯的就像雪夜的月光。
dà duōshù méiyǒu mùdì méiyǒu lǐyóu ,chéngxìng ér qù ,wèi zhì ér guī ,jiù xiàng fǎng yīyàng ,“xiǎng tā tā le ”zhège lǐyóu ,dānchún de jiù xiàng de yuèguāng 。
Most of them have no purpose and come and go impulsively. It is like the story of the Wang Ziyou visiting Dai Andao on a snowy night; the reason for “missing him or her” is simply like the moonlight of a snowy night.
kěshì ,jùshuō bùjiǔ de jiānglái ,Péngyouquān kěnéng huì xiāoshī ,búshi yīnwèi yòu yǒu le gèng gāojí de shèjiāo shén qì ,érshì Péngyouquān yǒu kěnéng huì zhújiàn de huì bèi gèzhǒng wēishāng suǒ fùgài ,
However, it is said that in the near future, the circle of friends may disappear, not because there are more advanced social networks, but that the circle of friends may gradually be obscured by various types of commercial promotions.
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