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Making the Move from China

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ID: 2377 Upper Intermediate
Traffic, smog, rising labor costs - they're all reasons why many companies have left China recently, looking to relocate to the United States or elsewhere. In this lesson, two coworkers talk about how the company next door has set its sights on the US.
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隔壁 gébì next door
动静 dòngjìng to make noise
搬走 bānzǒu to move away
办事处 bànshìchù office
gébì gōngsī zhèliǎngtiān dòngjìng tǐng dà de ,tāmen yào bānzǒu le ?
There's been a lot of talk about the company next door recently. Are they moving?
wǒ tīng gébì de Xiǎo Zhāng shuō tāmen de lǎozǒng yào bǎ gōngsī bān huí Měiguó le ,zhèlǐ zhǐ liú yī gè xiǎo bànshìchù 。
I heard from Xiao Zhang next door that their boss is going to move the company to America, and there's only going to be a small office left here.
tīngshuō tāmen lǎozǒng yīzhí huái zhe Zhōngguó mèng de ,xiànzài zěnme shuō zǒu jiù zǒu ā ?
I've heard that their boss is always praising the Chinese Dream. How can he just move now?
shéi zhīdào ?bùguò huà yòu shuō huílai ,wǒ juéde tāmen xiànzài líkāi Zhōngguó yě shì kěyǐ lǐjiě de 。
Who knows? But on the other hand, I think it's understandable that they are going to leave China now.
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