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Making Excuses

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ID: 3054 Intermediate
  This lesson is about not turning up to an appointment on time. The friend wants to know what reason he had for not showing up, and questions his excuses. We look in depth at two similar words for reason: 原因 yuányīn and 理由 lǐyóu.
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约好 yuē hǎo to make an appointment
原因 yuányīn cause
huí to reply
故意 gùyì deliberately
Lǐqiáng ,wǒmen qiántiān bùshì yuē hǎo qī diǎn zài chēzhàn jiànmiàn ,nǐ wèishénme méilái ?
Li Qiang, didn't we agree to meet at the train station at seven the day before yesterday? Why didn't you turn up?
duìbuqǐ duìbuqǐ !wǒ nà shì yǒu yuányīn de 。
Sorry! Sorry! There was a reason I didn't turn up.
nǐ zhīdào wǒ děng nǐ děng le yī gè xiǎoshí ?dǎ nǐ shǒujī yě bù huí ,nǐ shuō shuō nǐ yǒu shénme lǐyóu !
Do you know I waited for you for an hour? And you didn't even pick up when I called your cell phone. What reason could you have had!
wǒ zhēnde bùshì gùyì de ,qiántiān zhōngwǔ wǒ hūrán juéde bù shūfu ,xiàwǔ qǐngjià huíjiā xiūxi 。
I really didn't mean to. At noon on the day before yesterday I suddenly felt unwell, so I had to ask for time of work to go home and rest.
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