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Madonna's Asian Tour

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ID: 2829 Upper Intermediate
Today's lesson is all about trying and failing to get hold of Madona tickets in her upcoming tour of Asia. Having tried to buy tickets, one of the friends finds that they are all sold out. However, when they try purchasing the tickets from the convenience store, it turns out that there are two tickets left for a really great price. What great luck! Photo by Joel Bez
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qiǎo coincidental
闷闷不乐 mènmènbùlè miserable
麦当娜 Màidāngnà / Mǎdānnà Madonna
重金属 zhòng jīnshǔ heavy metal
hǎo qiǎo ,nǐ yě lái ā 。zěnme kànqǐlái mènmènbùlè de yàngzi ?
What a coincidence, you came too. Why do you look so miserable?
wǒ gānggāng xiǎngmǎi Màidāngnà míngnián yǎnchànghuì de piào ,dànshì piào dōu mài guāng le 。
I wanted to buy tickets just now for Madonna's concert next year, but they were all sold out.
zhēn méixiǎngdào nǐ shì tā de gēmí !wǒ yǐwéi nǐ bǐjiào xǐhuan zhòngjīnshǔ yīnyuè 。
I never would have thought you were a fan of hers! I thought you were more into heavy metal.
wǒ shénme yīnyuè dōu tīng 。zhècì shì tā chūdào yǐlái dì yī cì lái Táiběi kāi yǎnchànghuì ,shuō shénme yě xiǎng qù kànkan 。
I listen to all kinds of music. This will be the first time she's held a concert in Taipei since she debuted. Whatever happens I really want to go and see it.
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