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Love Tangle 7: The Mistress Returns

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ID: 1407 Upper Intermediate
Things continue to get more complicated as Yangyang shows up, out of the blue, from her studies abroad. How will Shen react now that he's expecting a child with his wife? Tune in to today's show to find out how the drama unfolds!
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进修 jìnxiū to engage in advanced studies
上进 shàngjìn to make progress
怀孕 huáiyùn to be pregnant
度日如年 dùrìrúnián a day seems like a year
Yángyang ,bùshì jìnxiū yī nián ma ?nǐ zěnme bù dào bàn nián jiù pǎo huílai le ?
Yangyang, weren’t you going to do a year of post-grad studies? Why did you come running back after less than half a year?
nǐ shuō ne ?yī ge rén zài guówài jìnxiū yǒu shénme yìsi 。
You tell me. What’s so great about studying abroad all alone?
Yángyang ,nǐ shì ge shàngjìn de nǚháizi ,nǐ zhīdào zhè ge jīhuì hěn nándé ,zěnme shěde fàngqì ne ?
Yangyang, you’re an ambitious girl. You know this opportunity is really hard to come by. How can you be so willing to give up?
Shěn gē ,nǐ bù zhīdào zhè jǐ ge yuè wǒ shì zěnme guò de 。wǒ yě xiǎng líkāi nǐ chóngxīn kāishǐ ,kě wǒ zuòbudào 。
Sheny, you don’t know how these last few months have been. I want to leave you too and start all over, but I just can’t.
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