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Love Tangle 5: The Mistress

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ID: 1291 Upper Intermediate
Just when you thought that Lulu and Shen Jiawei had put their past indiscretions behind them - Yangyang re-asserts herself as that hot and spicy flame of temptation. For your addictive dose of extra-marital affairs, deception, feigned innocence and saucy love triangles go ahead and listen to today's Mandarin podcast.
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活生生 huóshēngshēng living
拉下水 lāxiàshuǐ to corrupt
后悔 hòuhuǐ to regret
勾引 gōuyǐn to seduce
Shěn gē ,gēn wǒ zài yīqǐ ,nǐ kāixīn ma ?
Are you happy with me, honey?
kāixīn ,nǐ zhè ge xiǎo huàidàn ,huóshēngshēng bǎ zuìhòu yī ge hǎo nánrén lāxiàshuǐ le !
I'm happy. You naughty little girl, you corrupted the last good man around!
nà nǐ hòuhuǐ le ?
Well, do you regret it?
méiyǒu la ,suīrán shì nǐ gōuyǐn wǒ de ,bùguò wǒ hěn kuài jiù bèi nǐ mízhù le 。gēn nǐ zài yīqǐ ,wǒ juéde zìjǐ yòu niánqīng le shí suì !kuài shuō ,nà tiān wǎnshang shì bu shì nǐ zìyuàn de ?
No way! Even though it was you that seduced me, I got captivated by you pretty quickly. When I'm with you, I feel like I'm ten years younger. Quick, tell me: were you really willing that night?
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