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Love Tangle 4: Baby Plans

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ID: 1266 Upper Intermediate
In part 4 of this sordid tale, we feel a bit of the tension as an unfaithful couple reunites under one roof. No admissions of guilt yet, but the household gender roles are as strong as ever. Learn about this social issue through Shen Jiawei and Lulu's tangled web.
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守妇道 shǒu fùdào to behave like a proper woman
提前 tíqián in advance
搅黄 jiǎohuáng to mess up
空荡荡 kōngdàngdàng deserted
Féng Shuài ,wǒmen yǐhòu bié zài liánxì le 。wǒ jìrán jiéhūn le ,jiù yào shǒu fùdào 。
Feng Shuai, let's not contact each other anymore. Since I'm married, I have to behave like a proper woman.
Lùlu ,wǒ xīwàng nǐ xìngfú 。bùguǎn zěnmeyàng ,nǐ dōu shì wǒ zuì ài de nǚrén 。yǐhòu yǒu shénme shì ,xīwàng nǐ gěi wǒ dǎ diànhuà 。
I hope you're happy, Lulu. No matter what, you're the woman I love the most. If anything happens in the future, I hope you'll give me a call.
zěnme zhème wǎn cái huílai ?
How come you're only getting back now?
wǒ gēn Péngyou yīqǐ chīfàn le 。zěnme zài kètīng chōuyān a ?nǐ chūchāi huílai yě bù tíqián dǎ ge diànhuà 。
I had dinner with a friend. How come the living room smells like cigarette smoke? You come back from a business trip and don't even call first.
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