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Love Across the Class Divide?

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ID: 2877 Upper Intermediate
Today we hear two people discuss a recently published article about a Shanghai girl who broke up with her boyfriend after visiting his family home for Chinese New Year. Why did they break up? Because she thought his family was too poor. Despite this article having been fabricated, this issue is still common. Does making money change your value system, and can love win over these socio-economic divides? Listen to the different arguments in today's class. Photo by Tim Green
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逃离 táolí to flee from
杜撰 dùzhuàn to fabricate
确实 quèshí indeed
老生常谈 lǎoshēngchángtán to be commonly heard
zǎo ā ,kàn le zuìjìn gèdà wǎngluò tóubǎn le ma ?jīhū dōu shì zhè piān “Shànghǎi nǚhái táolí Jiāngxī nóngcūn ,shì jiǎde ”。
Morning, have you seen all the headlines online recently? They are almost all on this story, "Shanghai girl who fled her poor boyfriend's home in Jiangxi village a fake".
ò ,Shànghǎi nǚhái ?shì jiǎde ?nà shì shénme xīnwén ?wǒ hái méiyǒu láidejí kàn ne 。
Oh, Shanghai girl? Fake? What's it about? I didn't get time to read it.
ò ,shuōdeshì guònián qījiān ,yī gè Shànghǎi xiǎogūniang qù Jiāngxī nóngcūn de nányǒu jiā guònián ,bèi nán fāng jiā qióngkǔ huánjìng xià le yī tiào ,yúshì duédìng hé nányǒu fēnshǒu 。
Oh, it was talking about the Spring Festival period. A Shanghai girl went to her boyfriend's house in rural Jiangxi for Chinese New Year, and decided to break up with her boyfriend because she was so shocked at the poor conditions of her boyfriend's family.
yuánlái shì zhèyàng ,suīrán zhè piān wénzhāng bèi zhèngmíng shì dùzhuàn de ,bùguò wǒ dào juéde zhè quèshí yě shì yī gè pǔbiàn de shèhuì wèntí 。
So that's what it was. Although this article was proven to be fabricated, I think that it's actually quite a common social problem.
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