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Los Angeles

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ID: 0983 Intermediate
Many a little ditty has been written about the land of beach bunnies, surfer dudes, movie stars, Kobe Bryant and The Lakers. After a day of treating yourself to a new Armani on Rodeo Drive and finishing your Skinny triple French Vanilla Half Caf on Melrose, put the top down on your Beamer and take a drive East on the 10 to the San Gabriel Valley. Grab some authentic Hunan Fish Head and practice your Mandarin with a cute fuwuyuan! Welcome to our ChinesePod tour of The City of Angels, in Mandarin Chinese.
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好莱坞 Hǎoláiwū Hollywood
运气 yùnqi luck
电影 diànyǐng film
shú familiar
jīntiān wǒmen qù Hǎoláiwū 。
Let's go to Hollywood today.
néng kàndào míngxīng ma ?
Will we be able to see some stars?
kàn yùnqi 。wǒ zhǐ kàndào guo xiǎo míngxīng 。duì le ,wǒ yǒu ge zuò diànyǐng de péngyou ,tā bǐjiào shú ,dāi huǐr ràng tā dài wǒmen qù 。
That depends on our luck. I've only seen some B-list stars. Oh, right--I have a friend that is a filmmaker. He's a little bit more in on things. I'll get him to take us in a while.
Tony ,nǐhǎo !zhè shì wǒ péngyou ,lái Luòshānjī wánr 。
Tony, hello! This is my friend, she came to have some fun in Los Angeles.
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