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Long Distance Relationships

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ID: 2778 Upper Intermediate
Learn how to talk about long distance relationships in today's video lesson. (Click CC for Chinese subtitles) For a Qing Wen about 彼此 and 互相,check here
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喜悦 xǐyuè happy; joy
斯里兰卡 sīlǐlánkǎ Sri Lanka
非得 fēiděi must
远距 yuǎnjù long distance
wǒ yào gēn nǐ fēnxiǎng wǒ de xǐyuè ,wǒ de nán péngyou yào lái kàn wǒ le !
I wanted to share my good news with you, my boyfriend is coming to see me!
ò ,nǐ shuō de shì zài sīlǐlánkǎ de nàge ma ?
Oh, you mean the one in Sri Lanka?
tā shì sīlǐlánkǎ rén méicuò ,dàn nǐ fēiděi yào shuō de hǎoxiàng wǒ zài qítā guójiā yě yǒu nán péngyou yīyàng ma ?
He is a Sri Lankan, but why do you say it like I have other boyfriends in other countries?
hāhā ,wǒ zhǐshì yào quèdìng wǒ méi jìcuò ma !wǒ yǒu hǎo duō péngyou dōu zài tán yuǎnjù liàn\'ài 。
Ha ha, I just wanted to check I hadn't remembered incorrectly! I have lots of friends in long-distance relationships.
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