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Living on Welfare

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ID: 2320 Upper Intermediate
Governments throughout the world provide welfare for its impoverished citizens, and China is no exception. But how does the system work in China? In this lesson, two friends talk about the process of applying for welfare in China.
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调整 tiáozhěng to adjust
保障 bǎozhàng to ensure, guarantee
贫困 pínkùn poor, impoverished
申请 shēnqǐng to apply
xiàmian qǐng tīng běndì xīnwén :běnshì jiāng tiáozhěng gèlèi shèhuì jiùzhù biāozhǔn de shùé 。chéngzhèn jūmín zuìdī shēnghuó bǎozhàng biāozhǔn jiāng cóng měirén měiyuè wǔbǎilíngwǔ yuán tiáozhěng wéi měirén měiyuè wǔbǎiqīshí yuán ;nóngcūn jūmín zuìdī shēnghuó bǎozhàng biāozhǔn cóng měirén měiyuè sānbǎiliùshí yuán tiáozhěng wéi měirén měiyuè sìbǎisānshí yuán ……
And now, the local news: The city will soon adjust the standard amounts of social assistance. Urban residents' minimum living standard will be adjusted from 505 yuan per person per month to 570 yuan per person per month; residents in the countryside will have the minimum living standard adjusted from 360 yuan per person per month to 430 yuan per person per month.
Shànghǎi chéngshì dībǎo yī ge yuè cái wǔbǎi duō ?xiànzài wùjià zhème gāo ,wǔbǎi duō gòu huā ma ?
Shanghai city's welfare payments are only a bit more than 500 a month? Now the prices of things are so high. Is a bit more than 500 enough?
jiùsuàn hěnshǎo ,hěn duō pínkùn jiātíng dōu shēnqǐng bùdào ne !
Even if it's very little, many poor families still can't apply for it successfully.
shìma ?zài Zhōngguó shēnqǐng dībǎo hěn nán ma ?
Really? Is it difficult to apply for welfare in China?
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