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Living in two cities 披星戴月──双城生活

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ID: 4148 Media
In this lesson we read about a group of people whose lives are constantly on the move: working in big cities yet living in nearby cities where cost of living such as rent is more affordable. These people leave their homes early in the morning only to return late at night which is the meaning of the idiom 披星戴月. See below for HSK vocabulary in this lesson. 旅途奔波的辛劳大家都不陌生,可有一群人却总是在路上:他们在大城市工作,却又在邻近的城市居住,于是他们早出晚归,每天辛苦奔走于两个城市之间。在这一课里,我们将走进了解他们的生活。 HSK词汇: 繁华(6), 标题(6), 高峰(6), 规划(6), 乐观(5), 奋斗(5)。
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燕郊 yānjiāo Yanjiao town, a town under the administration of Sanhe City in central Hebei province
àn to press; to push; to leave aside or shelve
浮华 fúhuá ostentatious; pretentious; showy
轰炸 hōngzhà to bomb; to bombard
yānjiāo Běijīng “shuāngchéngshēnghuó ”:wǒ de shàngbān lù jiù xiàng yī chǎng zhàndòu
Yanjiao Beijing "Living in two cities": My journey to work is like a battle.
láiyuán :Zhōngguó xīnwén wǎng
Source: China News Net
biānzhě àn :zhèlǐ de wénzì méiyǒu fúhuá ,méiyǒu kōngtán ,méiyǒu “biāotídǎng ”。
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xìnxī hōngzhà de Wǎngluò shídài ,wǒmen zhǐ xīwàng ānjìng jìlù shēnbiān de gùshi ,guānzhù lěng nuǎn rénshēng ,dài nǐ chùmō shèhuì de tǐwēn 。
In an age of information abundance on the internet, we only hope to be able to quietly write down the stories that happen around us, those that touch and warm our hearts.
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