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Lili and Zhang Liang 7: A Guy's Advice on Women

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ID: 0390 Intermediate
Will the drama never end? (We secretly hope not, as it makes for great lessons). Catching up with Zhang Liang and Chen Li, this time Zhang’s worried that Lili is becoming a bit too interested in her successful ex and decides to go to his “bro” for advice. In this podcast, here a man’s take on women, in Mandarin Chinese.
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挖苦 wākǔ to ridicule
花心 huāxīn to be promiscuous
富豪 fùháo billionaire
上市 shàngshì to go public
Zhāng Liàng ,nǐ kě zhēn bùgòu péngyou 。zhème jiǔ bù zhǎo wǒ 。shì bu shì yǒu le lǎopó ,jiù wàng le xiōngdì ?
Zhang Liang, you’re not a true friend. You haven’t contacted me in such a long time! Now that you have a girlfriend, you’ve forgotten all about your bro, huh?
hāi ,Zhènhuá ,bié wākǔ wǒ le 。zuìjìn wǒ hé Líli chū le diǎn wèntí 。
Hey, Zhen Hua, don’t get sarcastic with me. Lately there’s been a little problem between Lili and me.
ō ?zěnmale ?yīdìng shì nǐ huāxīn ,bèi tā fāxiàn le 。
Oh? What is it? You must be messing around, and she found out.
bié xiāshuō !Lìli qián jǐ tiān pèngdào tā yǐqián de nánpéngyou 。nǐ cāi nàge rén shì shéi ?jūrán shì wǎngluò fùháo Liú Xiáng !rénjiā cái sānshí suì ,gōngsī dōu yǐjīng zài Měiguó shàngshì le 。
Don’t talk nonsense. A few days ago Lili ran into her ex-boyfriend. Can you guess who he is? Unbelievably, he’s that internet millionaire, Liu Xiang! The guy is only 30 years old, and his company is already listed on the stock market in the U.S.
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