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Lili and Zhang Liang 12: The Breakup

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ID: 0486 Intermediate
Who knew it could all end up like this? In this podcast, could it really be possible that our friends Lili and Zhang Liang will part ways? Or can they work it out? Listen in and hear what a breakup sounds like in Mandarin Chinese. Love hurts. However, look on the bright side--you will finally be able to understand what all those Chinese ballads you sing at karaoke are saying.
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偏偏 piānpiān just
多疑 duōyí suspicious
心虚 xīnxū to have a guilty conscience
脚踏两条船 jiǎo tà liǎng tiáo chuán two-timing
Lìli ,nǐ zhōngyú jiē diànhuà le !
Lili, you've finally answered the phone!
yǒu shénme shì ma ?
What is it?
wǒ yī lián dǎ le nǐ liǎng tiān diànhuà ,fā le wúshù tiáo duǎnxìn ,nǐ zěnme bù lǐ wǒ ?nǐ zhīdào wǒ yǒu duō zháojí ma ?
I have been calling you non-stop for two days, have sent countless text messages, how come you are ignoring me? Do you know how worried I have been?
nǐ yǒukòng zháojí ?wǒ méi cāicuò dehuà ,nǐ xiànzài yīnggāi mángzhe gěi nǐ de xīn nǚpéngyou dǎ diànhuà 、fā duǎnxìn ba 。
You have time to worry? If I'm not wrong, you should be busy calling your new girlfriend now...sending her messages, not me.
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