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Lili and Zhang Liang 10: The Other Woman

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ID: 0442 Intermediate
Well, well… what do we have here? A modern-day “Harold & Maude,” that’s what. Just as Zhang Liang is having doubts about Lili, he finds himself after hours with an attractive female co-worker. Sound spicy? Wait till you hear who catches them! Oohhhhhh, ChinesePod, the Sichuan food of Mandarin Chinese podcasts!
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关机 guānjī to turn off
怪不得 guàibude no wonder
打扰 dǎrǎo disturb
误会 wùhuì to misunderstand
bù zhīdào Zhāng Liàng jīntiān jiābān dào jǐ diǎn 。yàobù ,wǒ dǎ ge diànhuà wènwen tā ba 。
I wonder what time Zhang Liang is working overtime until today. Why don’t I give him a call and ask him.
yǔyīn :duìbuqǐ ,nín suǒ bōdǎ de diànhuà yǐ guānjī 。
(Recording): “Sorry, the telephone you have dialed is switched off.”
qíguài !shǒujī guānjī 。zài dǎ ge dào tā de bàngōngshì shìshi 。wèi ,Zhāng Liàng ma ?
Strange! His phone is switched off. I’ll try giving him a call at his office. Hello, Zhang Liang?
hāhāhā ......qǐng wèn něi wèi ?
Ha ha ha…Who is this?
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