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Lili and Zhang Liang 1: A Fated Meeting

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ID: 0230 Intermediate
It’s the classic (21st century, Chinese) love tale: a couple meets online (QQ, most likely), start talking (BBS, no doubt) and then meet in person for the first time. If we could spell the word “serendipitous” we’d use it here. Witness it all in the form of a podcast depicting one of those (a little awkward) first meetings, in Mandarin Chinese.
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久等 jiǔděng wait for a long time
基本上 jīběnshang basically
幸福 xìngfú fortunate
论坛 lùntán forum
nǐ shì Chén Lì ma ?wǒ shì Zhāng Liàng 。
Are you Chen Li? I’m Zhang Liang.
nǐhǎo 。nǐ lái le hěn jiǔ ma ?zhēn bùhǎoyìsi ràng nǐ jiǔ děng le 。lùshang tài dǔ le 。
Hi. Have you been here for a long time? I am really sorry to keep you waiting. The traffic was really bad.
méishìr 。wǒ gāng lái le yīhuìr 。wǒmen qù pángbiān de kāfēiguǎn zuòzuo ba 。
It doesn't matter, I've only been here for a short while. Let's go sit down in the coffee shop next door.
hǎo 。nǐ běnrén hé wǎngshàng de gǎnjué tǐng xiàng de 。
Ok. In person you seem very similar to how you seem online.
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