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Letting it All Out

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ID: 2489 Intermediate
Ever get so frustrated or mad that you just need to let it all out? That's what one husband decides to do in today's lesson--in a way that may make you chuckle!
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一天到晚 yītiāndàowǎn from morning to night, all day long
问长问短 wènchángwènduǎn to make detailed inquires
秘书 mìshū secretary
审查 shěnchá to examine, to investigate
qì sǐ wǒ le ,yītiāndàowǎn shuō wǒ zhèlǐ bùhǎo ,nàlǐ bùhǎo 。
I am so mad. All day long you say this or that about me is no good.
yǒu nǐ zhèyàng zuò qīzi de ma ?hé péngyou chī gè fàn dōu yào wènchángwènduǎn 。
Are there really wives like you? If I go with friends to eat, you even have to make detailed inquires.
mìshū gěi wǒ fā de měi tiáo duǎnxìn dōu yào shěnchá 。nǐ jiǎng bù jiǎnglǐ ā !
Every text the secretary send me you have to examine. Are you being reasonable?!
shàngcì wǒ guò shēngrì ,bù hé wǒ shāngliang jiù mǎi le nàme guì de dàngāo 。tài guòfèn le !
Last time I celebrated my birthday, you bought such an expensive cake without consulting me. It's really going too far!
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