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Let Me Speak to a Human Being

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ID: 2659 Intermediate
There is nothing more tedious than being put through to an automated voice system when you have a simple question that needs answering. All you want it to be transferred through to an operator but instead you must listen to each option read out in a robotic fashion. Learn some formal telephone and newspaper language in today's class so that next time you're confronted with this situation, you're not so confused.
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业务 yèwù business; operations
àn to press
直接 zhíjiē directly
挂失 guàshī to report a loss
nóngrén yínháng nínhǎo ,yínháng yèwù qǐng àn yī ,xìnyòngkǎ yèwù qǐng àn èr
Hello, this is Farmer's Bank, for banking inquiries, press one, for credit card inquiries, press two.
ā ,hǎo fán ,bùnéng zhíjiē gēn rén shuōhuà ma ?
Ah, how annoying, can't I talk to a real person directly?
guàshī qǐng àn yī ,hǎiwài fúwù qǐng àn èr ,běnqī zhàngdān jīn\'é cháxún qǐng àn sān ,hónglì diǎnshù cháxún qǐng àn sì ,xìnyòngkǎ zuìxīn yōuhuì qǐng àn wǔ ,zhuǎnjiē zhuānyuán qǐng àn jiǔ 。
To report a loss, press one, for overseas services, press two, to look up your most recent credit card bill, press three, to look up your reward points, press four, for the most recent credit card offers, press five, to talk to a bank representative, press nine.
yīdìng yào zuìhòu cái ràng wǒ zhuǎnjiē ,zhēn shì máfan 。
They always leave it to the last minute to let you transfer, what a hassle.
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