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Legalize It?

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ID: 2084 Upper Intermediate
Last month both Washington State and Colorado passed initiatives to decriminalize personal possession of marijuana. However, the debate in the US as to whether or not marijuana should be legalized is one that continues on the national level. In this lesson, two Chinese friends discuss the issues surrounding marijuana legalization.
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大麻 dàmá marijuana
合法化 héfǎhuà legalization
声音 shēngyīn sound
毒品 dúpǐn drugs
wǒ kàndào yǒu ge Měiguó péngyou zài Facebook shàng xiě :wǒ xīwàng dàmá héfǎhuà 。zhè yě tài kěpà le ,Měiguó rén dàodǐ zěnme xiǎng de a ?
I've seen some of my American friends write on Facebook: I hope that marijuana is legalized. This is really scary. What are Americans thinking?
zhè ge hěn zhèngcháng a ,xiànzài zhīchí dàmá héfǎhuà de shēngyīn hěn gāo 。
This is really quite common! Nowadays there is a lot of support for the legalization of marijuana.
kěshì dàmá shì dúpǐn a !Měiguó bù yě měinián huā hěn duō qián hé jīnglì qù jīdú ma ?
But marijuana is a drug! Doesn't America also spend lots of money and effort every year to bust drug dealers?
zhè ge háishì yǒu qūbié de 。dàmá suànbusuàn dúpǐn háishì ge yǒu zhēngyì de wèntí 。
There's still a difference here. Whether or not marijuana should be considered a drug is still a controversial question.
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