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Leaving Europe: Brexit

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ID: 2959 Intermediate
Not long ago, Britain had a national referendum and voted to leave the European Union. This process was dubbed "Brexit". In today's lesson we hear how this had consequences across the globe, and how regular people living in other countries were affected by the news. Photo by Kim
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伦敦 Lúndūn London
突然 tūrán suddenly
而且 érqiě moreover
年初 nián chū start of the year
wǒ dìng hǎo jīpiào le ,xià lǐbài qù Lúndūn 。
I've booked my plane tickets! I'm going to London next week.
ā ?zěnme zhème tūrán ?érqiě ,nǐ bùshì nián chū cái qù le Dōngjīng ma ?
Huh? Why so suddenly? And didn't you just go to Tokyo at the start of the year?
nǐ bù zhīdào ,shàng ge xīngqī Yīngguó tuōōu gōngtóu jiéshù ,tuōōu pài yíng le ,zhè jǐ tiān yīngbàng dà diē ,rénrén dōu zài mǎi yīngbàng ,zhèshíhòu qù Yīngguó lǚyóu zuì huàdélái le !
Don't you know, last week was the UK referendum on European Union membership and the Brexit camp won. The pound has fallen dramatically over the last few days, so everyone is buying up sterling. So it's really good value to travel in the UK now!
nǐ hái zhēn lèguān ,wǒ kàn bàozhǐ shàng dōu zài tán zhè jiàn shì duì quánqiújīngjì 、zhèngzhì zàochéng de yǐngxiǎng ,dōu shuō qíngkuàng hěn luàn ,ràngrén dānxīn ,nǐ dōu bù dānxīn ?
You're really looking on the bright side there. In the paper I read that they said this would have an impact on the global economy and international politics. They said the situation is a bit of a mess and quite worrying. You're not worried?
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