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Learning to Drive a Car

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ID: 2929 Upper Intermediate
In this lesson, you'll learn lots of useful instructional language for learning to drive a car. In the dialogue, the student is rather down because they opted to learn to drive stick (manual transmission) and is finding it difficult to multitask. Photo by Gwilym James
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愁眉苦脸 chóuméikǔliǎn glum; miserable
下定决心 xiàdìng juéxīn to make a decision
自排 zìpái automatic shift
手排 shǒupái manual shift; stick shift
nǐ zěnme yī liǎn chóuméikǔliǎn de yàngzi ?
Why are you looking so glum?
wǒ shàng ge yuè xiàdìng juéxīn xué kāichē ,yǐjīng xué le liǎng gè xīngqī le ,juéde kāichē hǎo nán 。
Last month I resolved to learn how to drive, I've already studied for two weeks but I think that driving is very difficult.
xué zìpái háishì shǒupái ?
Are you learning automatic or manual?
péngyou dōu jiànyì wǒ xué shǒupái bǐjiào shíyòng ,yīkāishǐ wǒ xuǎn le shǒupái ,dàn shǒupái huàndǎng zhēn shì yī chǎng èmèng 。
My friends all suggest that it's more practical to learn manual, so I started with manual, but shifting gears manually is a nightmare.
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