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Learn Mandarin From Movies: 飞驰人生 (Pegasus) Part 2

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ID: 4587 Upper Intermediate
Learn Mandarin From Movies Series aims to increase awareness of fun Chinese movies that can help you improve your Mandarin Chinese level.
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张飞 ZhāngFēi Zhang Fei (168-221), general of Shu and blood-brother of Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, famous as fearsome fighter and lover of wine
张扬 zhāngyáng to display ostentatiously; to bring out into the open; to make public; arrogant
吃亏 chīkuī to suffer losses; to come to grief; to lose out
张弛有度 zhāngchíyǒudù flexible
bàba ,wǒ wèishénme yào jiào ZhāngFēi a ?bān lǐ de tóngxué dōu xiào wǒ 。
Daddy, why did you name me Zhang Fei? All the classmates make fun of me.
nǐ míngzi yǒu shénme hǎoxiào de ?bàba de bàba jiào zhāngyáng zuòshì tài zhāngyáng lǎo chīkuī 。tā jiù xīwàng bàba ne ,zuò shìqing nénggòu zhāngchíyǒudù 。suǒyǐ nǐ bàba wǒ jiào zhāngchí 。zhè bù hòulái jiù chí qǐlai le ma ?dāng le chēshǒu ,hái ná le guànjūn 。wǒ ne ,xīwàng nǐ yǐhòu kěyǐ gēn bàba yīyàng yīzhí fēichí xiàqù 。zánmen liǎ jiù jiào fēichí zǔhé 。yúshì ,nǐ de míngzi jiù jiào ZhāngFēi 。yǒu shénme wèntí ma ?shì LiúBèi bù tóngyì a ,háishi GuānYǔ yǒu yìjiàn a ?
What’s so funny about your name? Your dad’s name is Zhang Yang. He lived up to his name to be very arrogant and he suffered from it. So he wanted daddy to be more in control of his life. That’s why your daddy’s name is Zhang Chi. Didn’t I end up flying high? I became a racecar driver, and I got a champion. What I want for you is to be like daddy, keep flying in life. And together, we are a team called Fei Chi. That’s why your name is Zhang Fei. Is there a problem? Does Liu Bei disapprove? Or is it Guan Yu?
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