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Last Night's Soccer Match

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ID: 2803 Upper Intermediate
If you like football (or soccer) we have just the lesson for you. Learn how to talk about "The Beautiful Game" in Chinese. Photo Credit: Jon Candy
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莱万多夫斯基 Láiwànduōfūsījī Robert Lewandowski
大显神威 dàxiǎnshénwēi to display godlike skill
错过 cuòguò to miss
chě stunning; amazing; far-fetched
hēi ,zuótiān nà chǎng bǐsài nǐ kàn le ma ?
Hey, did you see the match yesterday?
nǐ shì shuō Láiwànduōfūsījī dàxiǎnshénwēi de nà chǎng ma ?dāngrán !zěnme kěnéng cuòguò ne !
You mean the match in which Lewandowski showed off his godlike skill? Of course! How could I miss it?
nà zhēnde shì chāo chě de !xiàbànchǎng cái tìbǔ shàngchǎng ,jiéguǒ hòulái jūrán zài jiǔ fēnzhōng nèi yī rén lián jìn le wǔ qiú !jiǎnzhí shì shénjī !
It really was amazing! He was only subbed on during the second half, then it turned out that within nine minutes he scored five goals in a row! It was simply miraculous!
érqiě yòu yuǎnshè yòu língkōng chōushè de ,zuìhòu hái jīhū wánchéng le dàoguà jīngōu ,yī qiú bǐ yī qiú zhènhàn nà !
And he made that long shot volley, then he almost managed a bicycle kick in the end. Each shot was more stunning than the last!
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