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Lao Wang's Office 8: Trimming the Fat at the Office

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ID: 1097 Intermediate
After all you've done for them, they kick you to the curb! In today's podcast, learn how to deal with being fired in Chinese. Tough luck, Charlie-- your squid just got fried.
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gǎn to dare
炒鱿鱼 chǎoyóuyú to fry squid (to fire someone)
激动 jīdòng to get excited
决定 juédìng resolution
Zhūlìyè ,hǎoā ,nǐ gǎn chǎo wǒ yóuyú !
OK, Zhu Liye. You dare to fire ME!
Lǎo Wáng ,nǐ bié jīdòng 。bù shì wǒ yào chǎo nǐ ,shì gōngsī de juédìng 。wǒ yě méi bànfǎ 。
Don't get excited, Lao Wang. It's not me that's firing you. It's the company's decision. There's nothing I can do, either.
wǒ zhīdào ,kěndìng shì nàge Zhōu Jùn !wǒ zhǎo tā qù 。
I know. It's got to be that Zhou Jun! I'll go find him...
Zhōu Jùn ,nǐ yīzhí kàn wǒ bù shùnyǎn ,xiànzài zhōngyú bǎ wǒ chǎo le !
Zhou Jun, you've always had something against me. Now you've finally fired me!
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