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Lantern Festival

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ID: 3027 Upper Intermediate
Lantern Festival which falls on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month marks the official end of the Chinese New Year holiday. During this festival, people write lucky phrases and riddles on the side of paper lanterns and release them into the sky to enjoy. Listen to some of the traditions and customs during this festival, including some Chinese riddles. For related lessons about lantern festival riddles, click here: Lantern Festival Riddles 猜灯谜 Photo by Salman Javed
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期待 qīdài to look forward to
正月 zhèngyuè the first month of the lunar year
元宵节 yuánxiāojié Lantern Festival
家家户户 jiājiāhùhù every household
guò wán Chúxī ,zuì qīdài de jiérì jiùshì zhèngyuè shí wǔ de yuánxiāojié la !
After Chinese New Year's Eve, the festival I most look forward to is Lantern Festival, on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month!
wǒ yě shì !yuánxiāojié nà yī tiān ,jiājiāhùhù dōu nàoyuánxiāo ,shǎng yuè ,chī tāngyuán ,shǎng dēng ,cāi dēngmí ,kě yǒu yìsi le !
Me too! On Lantern Festival, as every family is busy celebrating the festival, gazing at the moon, eating tangyuan, admiring the lanterns and guessing the riddles on the lanterns. It's so fun.
kěbushì ma ?yuánxiāojié jiāng Chúxī kāishǐ de chūnjié qìngzhùhuódòng biànde gèng rènao 。guò wán le yuánxiāojié ,chūnjié yě cái suàn shì zhēnzhèng jiéshù 。
Isn't it just? Lantern Festival takes the celebration of Spring Festival that starts on Lunar New Year's Eve up a notch. It's only after Lantern Festival that Spring Festival really comes to an end.
shì a ,chúle shǎng dēng ,cāi dēngmí ,xiàng guìzhōu Húnán hái chángcháng yǒu wǔlóng wǔshī ,huàhànchuán de biǎoyǎn ,rènao jí le !
Yeah. As well as admiring all the lanterns and guessing the riddles on the lanterns, places like Guizhou and Hunan also often have performances, such as dragon and lion dances, and the rowing of boats on dry land. It's really quite the lively spectacle!
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