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Korean Wave

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ID: 2842 Upper Intermediate
In recent years, the wave of Korean exported entertainment has had unprecedented success. More and more nations are now listening to their hugely popular K-pop songs, as well as all the different TV shows they produce. In the past, Japanese songs and shows were all the rage, but for the younger generation, it is the Koreans that now have all the power and popularity. Tune in to learn some key vocabulary about this ever growing part of popular culture. photo by Nicolas Raymond
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成天 chéngtiān all day long
拜讬 bàituō please!
刺激 cìjī exciting
duī pile
nǐ zěnme chéngtiān dōu zài kàn zhè ge jiào shénme “Running Man ”de jiémù ā ?
Why are you watching that Running Man program from morning to night?
bàituō ,zhè ge chāo hǎokànde ,nǐ bù juéde cìjī yǒuqù ma ?
Please, it's really good, you don't think it's exciting and interesting?
yīduīrén pǎoláipǎoqù yǒu shénme hǎokànde 。yáokòng gěi wǒ ,wǒ yào kàn Rìběn dàwèiwáng bǐsài 。
What's so good about a bunch of people running back and forth. Give me the remote control, I want to watch the Oogui Big Eater Japanese Eating Competition.
bà ,bàituō ,xiànzài méiyǒurén zài kàn Rìběn zōngyìjiémù le la !nǐ hěn luòwǔ 。
Dad, please, nobody watches Japanese variety shows anymore! You're so out of touch.
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