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Jack Ma’s retirement 功成身退──接任马云:创造者张勇和他所改变的阿里巴巴

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Jack Ma will hand over the keys of Asia’s most valuable company to Alibaba Group Holding’s chief executive officer, in an unprecedented succession plan of one of China’s most recognizable corporate names over the next 12 months. We use the idiom 功成身退 in this lesson as it means to retire/step back after major achievements. 马云将把亚洲最有价值公司的权力交给阿里巴巴集团控股公司的首席执行官,并把中国最知名的公司之一在未来12个月内完成以前所未有的继承计划。主题用了功成身退,指大功告成之后,自行隐退,不再做官或复出。 馬雲將把亞洲最有價值公司的權力交給阿里巴巴集團控股公司的首席執行官,並把中國最知名的公司之一在未來12個月內完成以前所未有的繼承計劃。主題用了功成身退,指大功告成之後,自行隱退,不再做官或復出。
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功成身退 gōngchéngshēntuì step back when both fame and fortune are achieved; retire after reaching one's goal
节选 jiéxuǎn excerpt; selection (from a book); to select
担任 dānrèn to hold a governmental office or post; to assume office of; to take charge of
接任 jiērèn take over; replace; succeed
gōngchéngshēntuì zhāngyǒng jiērèn mǎyún
Retirement - Zhang Yong to take over from Ma Yun
jiéxuǎn XīnhuáWǎng Běijīng Jiǔyuè shírì diàn
Excerpt from Xinhuanet Beijing September 10th
Jiǔyuè shírì Jiàoshījié dāngtiān ,ālǐbābā jítuán chuàngshǐrén mǎyún fāchū tí wéi ”Jiàoshījié kuàilè ”de gōngkāixìn xuānbù :
On September 10 which is Teacher's Day (in China), Ma Yun the founder of Alibaba Group, issued an official letter entitled “Happy Teacher's Day” to announce:
yī nián hòu de ālǐbābā èrshí zhōunián zhījì ,jí èrlíngyījiǔnián Jiǔyuè shírì ,tā jiāng búzài dānrèn jítuán dǒngshìjú zhǔxí ,jièshí yóu xiànrèn jítuán CEO zhāngyǒng jiērèn 。
On September 10, 2019 the day of Alibaba’s 20th anniversary, Ma will no longer serve as the chairman of the board of directors of the group. He will hand over the reins to Zhang Yong, the current CEO of the group.
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