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Ivory Tower

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ID: 2387 Upper Intermediate
Recently Chinese authorities have been cracking down on the trade of ivory and ivory products in China. To send a message to ivory dealers and buyers across the country trafficking ivory, the authorities rounded up over 6 tons of ivory for destruction. Two friends talk about the issues involved in this action.
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经典 jīngdiǎn classic
冲动 chōngdòng urge, impulse
海关 hǎiguān customs
销毁 xiāohuǐ to destroy (by melting or burning)
āi ,nǐ zài tīng MJ de jīngdiǎn lǎo gē ā ?
Hey, are you listening to one of Michael Jackson's classic songs?
ng4 ,gēcí xiě de tài gǎnrén le ,měicì tīng dōu yǒu xiǎng kū de chōngdòng ……
Yeah. The lyrics are so moving. Every time I hear it I get the urge to cry.
zuìjìn nǐ kàn xīnwén le ma ?yīyuè liùrì ,guójiā Línyèjú hé hǎiguān zǒngjú chámò xiāohuǐ le liùdiǎnyī dūn xiàngyá jí xiàngyá zhìpǐn 。
Did you see the news lately? On January 6th, the State Forestry Administration and the Customs Bureau searched out, confiscated and destroyed 6.1 tons of ivory and ivory products.
ā ?xiàngyá mǎimài bùshì héfǎ de ma ?
What? Isn't buying and selling ivory legal?
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