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I've Never Put Up A Tent

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ID: 2759 Upper Intermediate
Wanna bring your Chinese friend camping? Tune in to this Upper-intermediate lesson where we hear a seasoned camping pro show two friends how it's done. Apart from some very handy camping terms, this lesson is packed full of useful "complements 补语“, such as X起来、X下去...
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xiè to unload
露营 lùyíng to go camping
帐篷 zhàngpéng tent
童军团 tóngjūntuán scout troop
wǒmen dào yíngdì le !xiān bǎ xíngli xiè xiàlái ,ránhòu bǎ lùyíng yào yòng de dōngxi ná dào nàbiān ,zhǔnbèi dā zhàngpéng 。
We've arrived at the campsite! First let's unload the luggage, then we'll take the stuff we need to set up camp over there, to prepare to put up the tents.
nǐ huì dā zhàngpéng ma ?wǒmen liǎng gè dōu méi lùyíng guò ,bù zhīdào zěnme kāishǐ 。
Can you put up a tent? The two of us have never been camping before, so we don't know where to start.
huì ā ,wǒ yǐqián shì tóngjūntuán de 。wǒmen xiān bǎ zhàngpéng de nèizhàng tānkāi ba 。
Yes, I used to be a scout. First let's move the inner layer of the tent out of the way.
ránhòu ne ?zhǐyǒu wǒmen sān gèrén huì bùhuì dā bù qǐlái ?
Then? With just the three of us do you think we might not be able to get it up?
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