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It's Written in the Stars - Part 3

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ID: 2444 Upper Intermediate
Is it really written in the stars or is it just in your mind? Hear a controversy over the zodiac in Part 3 of this series and learn how to express your side of the issue.
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迷信 míxìn superstitious, superstition
靠谱 kàopǔ reliable
流行 liúxíng popular
zhǔn accurate
nǐ shì huǒxiàng xīngzuò ,gēn nǐ zuì pèi de jiùshì tóng wéi huǒxiàng xīngzuò de shīzizuò hé shèshǒuzuò ,yàobù fēngxiàng xīngzuò yě xíng 。
You are a fire sign. The most compatible with you are other fire signs: the Leo and the Sagittarius. Or else you could also do well with a wind sign.
Chénjiě ,wǒ lǎo tīng nǐ shuō huǒxiàng ,fēngxiàng shénmede ,zhè dàodǐ shì shénme yìsi ā ?
Sis Chen. I always hear you talk about fire signs and wind signs, stuff like that. What does this mean anyway?
shíèr xīngzuò fēnchéng sìxiàng ,fēnbié shì fēngxiàng 、huǒxiàng 、shuǐxiàng hé tǔxiàng ,qízhōng fēngxiàng hé huǒxiàng shì yángxìng xīngzuò ,shuǐxiàng hé tǔxiàng shì yīnxìng xīngzuò 。
The twelve signs are divided up into four elements, that is: wind, fire, water and earth. The wind and fire element are Yang signs. The water and earth elements are Yin signs.
Chénjiě ,bié míxìn le ,xīngzuò nà yī tào ,nálái cháyúfànhòu liáoliaotiān hái kěyǐ ,zhēn ràng XiǎoWén zhàozhe xīngzuò lái zhǎo nánpéngyou ,bù kàopǔ 。
Sis Chen, don't be superstitious. This zodiac stuff is alright for after-dinner conversation but it's not reliable for Xiaowen to really use to find a boyfriend.
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