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It's Written in the Stars - Part 2

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ID: 2424 Upper Intermediate
ChinesePod continues its discussion of astrology and its presence in the world of matchmaking in China. In this episode, find out the answer to this question: Is a Virgo compatible with an Aries?
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象征 xiàngzhēng to symbolize
事物 shìwù general affairs, things
xíng type
家庭主妇 jiātíngzhǔfù housewife
nǐ shì báiyángzuò de 。wǎngshàng shuō báiyángzuò shì huǒxiàngxīngzuò ,xiàngzhēng yīqiè shìwù de kāishǐ ,shǔyú lǐngdǎo xíng réncái 。báiyángzuò de nǚrén jīhū dōu kěyǐ chéngwéi chūsè de zhíyè fùnǚ ,yě tóngshí néng zuò chèngzhí de jiātíngzhǔfù ,hé nǐ tǐng xiàng de ò !
You're an Aries. It says online that Aries is a fire sign. This represents everything from the start. It's a person who has talent in leadership. Women who are an Aries almost always can become outstanding business women, and at the same time can be good at being a homemaker. It's a lot like you!
háixíng ,nà xìnggé ne ?
I guess so. What about personality?
báiyángzuò jiù xiàng niányòu de háizi yīyàng ,zhēnqíngliúlù 、tǎnbái 、kāifàng ,dàn yě shífēn zìwǒzhōngxīn hé háiziqì 。tāmen hěn shànliáng ,bùhuì lìyòng péngyou ,dànshì zuìdà de quēdiǎn shì àimiànzi ,yǒngyuǎn bùhuì chéngrèn cuòwù 。
Aries are like little children - revealing their true feelings, frank and open. However, they are also selfish and childish. They are very kind and won't take advantage of their friends, but their biggest fault is their love of face. They can never admit that they've made a mistake.
hēhē ,zhè ge nǐ dǒng de ……
Hehe. You know about this...
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