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It's Written in the Stars - Part 1

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ID: 2414 Upper Intermediate
Whether you believe in it or not, astrology is an unavoidable part of dating in China. When looking for a potential mate, many people still look to the stars for answers. In the first of ChinesePod's series on astrology, two friends discuss the positives of having a Virgo husband.
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相亲 xiāngqīn matchmaking, dating
交往 jiāowǎng to communicate, go out with
闺蜜 guīmì female confidante
印象 yìnxiàng impression
Xiǎowén ,yǒurén sòng huā gěi nǐ ,shénme qíngkuàng ?
Xiao Wen, someone gave you flowers. What's the deal?
āyā ,jiùshì shàngcì hé nǐ shuō guo xiāngqīn duìxiàng 。
Jeez, it's that guy I got set up with that I told you about before.
nǐmen kāishǐ jiāowǎng la ,dōu bù gàosu wǒ ,tài bù bǎ wǒ dāng guīmì le ,gǎnjué zěnmeyàng ?
You've started seeing each other! You didn't tell me anything. It's like I'm not your good friend at all! What did you think about him?
cái jiàn le liǎng cì miàn ,dìyī yìnxiàng háikěyǐ 。bùguò juéde tā yǒudiǎn guài ,yǒu jiépǐ 。shàngcì qù fàndiàn chīfàn ,náchū shī zhǐjīn bǎ cānzhuō cā le yī biàn ,hái tèdì qù wèn fúwùyuán yàolái kāishuǐ tàng wǎn hé bēizi 。
We've only met two times. My first impression was okay. However, I think he's a bit strange and a bit of a neat freak. Last time we went to a restaurant to eat, he took out a wet wipe and wiped down the whole table, and he specifically asked the waiter to bring hot water to wash the bowls and glasses.
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