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It's Hard to Shed Fat

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ID: 2973 Intermediate
Losing weight can be a long and slow process. This is why today's interlocutor is feeling a bit glum. Their friend gives lots of advice on losing weight including running with them, swimming each day, or even trying diet pills. The friend is still not convinced. Photo by ronmerk
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闷闷不乐 mènmènbùlè unhappy
开心 kāixīn happy
狗嘴里吐不出象牙 gǒuzuǐ li tǔbuchū xiàngyá no ivory comes from the mouth of a dog (Idiom)
风凉话 fēngliánghuà snide remarks;
zuìjìn kàn nǐ yīzhí mènmènbùlè de ,yǒu shénme bù kāixīn de ,shuō chūlai ràng wǒ kāixīn yīxià ā 。
I've seen you looking quite miserable lately. What are you upset about? Tell me and make me feel a bit better.
tǎoyàn ,gǒuzuǐ li tǔbuchū xiàngyá 。wǒ dōu kuài pàng sǐ le ,nǐ háizài nàr shuō fēngliánghuà 。
You're so annoying. What can you expect from a hog but a grunt. I am really really fat and you're there making light of things.
yǐhòu měitiān gēn zhe wǒ pǎobù qù ,bǎozhèng nǐ yī ge yuè zhīnèi shòu chéng yī dào shǎndiàn 。
From now on you can go running with me every day. I guarantee that you'll be skinny as a rake within a month.
zhè bùxíng ,wǒ yī pǎobù jiù xiǎng tù 。
No I can't. I feel like vomiting every time I run.
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