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ID: 2925 Upper Intermediate
Learn some polite ways to make greetings and small talk. In this lesson, two Chinese teachers meet up at a conference and discuss Chinese grammar and make polite conversation. Click here for the Qing Wen mentioned during the lesson. Photo by Tim Green
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拜读 bàidú to read and admire (honorific)
有幸 yǒuxìng to have the pleasure
聆听 língtīng to hear
不虚此行 bùxūcǐxíng to make a journey worthwhile
Fāng jiàoshòu nínhǎo !bàidú guò bùshǎo nín de dàzuò ,jīntiān yǒuxìng língtīng nín de xiànchǎng bàogào ,suàn shì bùxūcǐxíng le !
Hello Professor Fang! I've read many of your works. Having the pleasure of listening to your report in person, makes coming here so worthwhile!
xìnghuì xìnghuì !nín kèqi le ,wǒmen jiè zhe huìyì ,hùxiāng tàntǎo 、gòngtóng jìnbù ,nín de yánjiūfāngxiàng yě shì duìwài hànyǔ jiàoxué ?
Nice to meet you! You're too kind! Let's take advantage of the conference to explore each other's works and make joint progress. You also research teaching Chinese as a foreign language?
shì a ,běnkē hé yánjiūshēng zhuānyè ,yánjiūfāngxiàng dōu shì duìwài hànyǔ jiàoxué ,zhè shì wǒ de míngpiàn ,qǐng nín duō guānzhào 。
Yes, teaching Chinese as a foreign language was my undergraduate major and the subject of my postgraduate study. Here's my card, I hope I can learn a thing or two from you.
Zhèng Zhí ,ò ,niánjìqīngqīng yǐjīng shì fù jiàoshòu le ,niánqīngrén bùjiǎndān ā 。
Zheng Zhi, oh, you're so young and already an associate professor, young people really are more than they appear.
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