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Is Home Cooking Safer?

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ID: 2623 Upper Intermediate
It's important to take care of your body, and in the midst of recent food scares, it can be hard to know what brands to trust. In this lesson, we talk about whether making stuff from scratch is better than eating out and how we should choose our ingredients a bit more carefully and watch what you eat.
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to grind
何况 hékuàng not to mention
说不上 shuōbùshàng to not count as
不见得 bùjiàndé not necessarily
nǐ měitiān zhèyàng zuò miànbāo 、mó dòujiāng ,bù lèi ā ?
Don't you get tired making bread and soy milk everyday?
wèile chī de jiànkāng 、chī de xīnān ,lèi yīdiǎn yě zhídé 。gènghékuàng ,xiànzài yǒu gèshìgèyàng de jīqì bāngmáng ,zhǐshì huā diǎnr shíjiān bèiliào éryǐ ,yě shuōbùshàng lèi 。
It is worth a little effort to eat healthy and eat safely, not to mention that nowadays there are so many labor-saving devices to help out, you just have to spend a little time preparing the ingredients, it's not so tiring.
kěshì nàxiē cáiliào yě bùjiàndé dōu méi wèntí ba ?
But you can't be sure if the ingredients are safe to eat.
suǒyǐ wǒ mǎi cáiliào shì hěn jiǎngjiu de ,bùdàn yào xuǎn yǒujī de 、dāngjì de ,hái yào xuǎn yǒu xìnyù de shāngjiā ,yǒuxiē dōngxi jiù dě mǎi jìnkǒu de 。
So I pay particular attention to the ingredients that I buy. I not only choose organic and seasonal food, but also select reputable companies. Some things I have to buy imported.
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