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Is China Scary?

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ID: 1220 Upper Intermediate
A dragon is rising in the East. All around, curious faces wait to see whether it will roar or sing. In today's Chinese lesson, we'll look at some different perspectives on the rise of modern China.
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讨论 tǎolùn to discuss
主题 zhǔtí main theme
可怕 kěpà horrible, scary
正巧 zhèngqiǎo just at that moment
jīntiān wǒ xiǎng tǎolùn de zhǔtí shì “Zhōngguó kěpà ma ?”wǒmen zhè zhèngqiǎo yǒu Měiguó liúxuésheng Ālóng ,xīwàng nǐ néng duōduō fābiǎo yìjiàn 。shǒuxiān ,wǒ xiǎng wèn yīxià ,zuìjìn yǒu nǎxiē Měiguó diànyǐng miáoxiě le Zhōngguó ?
The topic I’d like to discuss today is “Is China Scary?” It just so happens that we have Aaron, an American exchange student here. I hope you can share some of your own thoughts. First of all, let me ask: what American movies have portrayed China recently?
Gōngfū xióngmāo 》,《Biānfúxiá 》。
“Kung Fu Panda,” “Batman.”
Mùnǎiyī sān 》li yě jiǎng dào guò Zhōngguó 。
“The Mummy III—Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” also talked about China.
en ,xiāngxìn dàjiā dōu kàn guò zhèxiē piānzi 。quèshí ,Zhōngguó yǐjīng chéngwéi le Měiguó méitǐ de rèdiǎn tícái 。dànshì hěn duō diànyǐng dōu shì fùmiàn de fǎnyìng Zhōngguó 。
Hmm…I’m sure everyone’s seen these movies. There’s no doubt that China has already become a hot topic in the American media. But a lot of movies portray China in a negative light.
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