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Investing in Prestigious Property (Bridge Lesson)

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ID: 2903 Intermediate

In this bridge lesson, we discuss investment in property located near so-called "Prestigious Schools". In China, if you live in the vicinity of these good schools, your children automatically get accepted. Naturally, property prices skyrocket, and the wealthy get better chances to go to these schools.

Listen to the lesson as we discuss this important topic, as well as some of the issues that can arise from this. Photo credit

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开心 kāixīn happy
喜事儿 xǐshìr happy event
投资 tóuzī to invest
分享 fēnxiǎng to share
āiyōu ,zhème kāixīn ,zuìjìn yǒu shénme xǐshìr ā ?
Agh, you look happy, have you had any good news?
hēi ,nǐ kě bù zhīdào ,wǒ de dì yī ge tóuzī chénggōng le 。
I see you don't know? I made my first successful investment.
hēiyōu ,zhēn de ma ?zhuànqián de hǎo shìr hái bù gǎnkuài shuō chūlai hé gēmenr fēnxiǎng yīxià 。
Agh, really? If you've earned money why didn't you speak up and share the good news with your buddy before now?
lái lái lái ,xiǎoshēng diǎnr ,wǒ gàosu nǐ ā ,wǒ tóuzī le yī tào xuéqū fáng ,fùjìn cóng zhòngdiǎn xiǎoxué dào zhòngdiǎn gāozhōng dōu yǒu 。
Come here, keep your voice down. I'll tell you. I invested in a house in a school district, it's close both to a prestigious elementary school and a prestigious high school.
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