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Into the Sandstorm

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ID: 1419 Upper Intermediate
For anyone who has ever woken up to find their car covered in sand, the situation covered in today's lesson will be a familiar one. In some parts of the world, like Italy, France, and northern China, sandstorms are a part of the weather, even if the nearest desert lies hundreds of miles away. Today we'll be teaching you how to discuss this very particular meteorological phenomenon.
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笼罩 lǒngzhào to envelop
干燥 gānzào dry, arid
蒙古 Ménggǔ Mongolia
nǐ zhǔnbèi chūmén ma ?jīntiān néngjiàndù hěn dī ,nǐ xiǎoxīn yīdiǎn 。
Are you getting ready to go out? Visibility is really low today. Be careful.
ng4 。lǎopó ,wǒ de chōngfēngyī fàng nǎr le ?
I will. Honey, where did you put my ski jacket?
zài dàyīguì lǐ 。jīntiān zěnme xiàng lǒngzhào zhe yī céng wù shìde ?
It's in the wardrobe. Why does today seem like it's shrouded in a layer of fog?
tiānqì yùbào shuō ,jīntiān de kōngqì zhìliàng hěn chà 。bùguò zhè kě bùshì wù ,shì shāchén 。
The weather report today said that the air quality was really bad. But this isn't fog, it's sand dust.
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