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Interviews: Obama or Romney?

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ID: 2058 Upper Intermediate
Today people across America will be going to the polls to decide on a new president for the next four years. Will it be Obama or Romney? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, people across the world will be watching to see who will be leading this powerful nation in the future, and China is no exception. In this lesson, follow a news reporter as people on the street are interviewed about what they think about the US presidential election.
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经历 jīnglì to experience
chǎng measure word for an election or event
总统 zǒngtǒng president
选举 xuǎnjǔ to elect; election
dàjiā hǎo ,wǒ shì jìzhě xiǎolè 。zuìjìn Měiguó zhèngzài jīnglì yī chǎng sì nián yīcì de zǒngtǒngxuǎnjǔ 。Měiguo zǒngtǒng xuǎnjǔ bùjǐnjǐn gēn Měiguó rénmín de shēnghuó xiāngguān ,yě suàndéshàng shì yī jiàn guójì dàshì 。suǒyǐ jīntiān wǒmen jiāng jiù zhè yī huàtí ,cǎifǎng yīxiē lùrén ,kàn kan tāmen dōu yǒu nǎxiē bùtóng de guāndiǎn 。
Hello everyone! I'm reporter Xiao Le. America is currently going through it's presidential election which takes place once every four years. The American presidential election not only concerns the lives of Americans, it can also be considered an international event. So today we are looking at this topic, interviewing people on the street, and seeing what different points of view they have.
qiánmian yǒu wèi xiǎojie dǎbàn de hěn shímáo ,wǒmen qù wèn wen tā 。xiǎojie ,nǐhǎo ,qǐng liúbù !
Up ahead there's a woman dressed stylishly. Let's go ask her. Miss, hello, excuse me!
nǐhǎo !
nǐ zhī bu zhīdào Měiguó zài gǎo zǒngtǒng xuǎnjǔ ?
Do you know that America is now holding a presidential election?
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