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Interview with the Boss

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ID: 0570 Upper Intermediate
The clammy handshake... the subsequent perspiring flush of sweat, the blank mind run through the wringer as the suit across the desk shoots out a machine-gun-like barrage of blank-drawing interrogations. All that's missing are the torture devices and spotlight in your face. Do job interviews terrify you at the best of times? No longer! Because job interviews in Chinese are going to be a whiz, after this lesson. Listen to this podcast, and learn how to charm the pants off of that potential employer, in Mandarin Chinese.
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开门见山 kāiménjiànshān to get straight to the point
应聘 yìngpìn to apply for a position
积累 jīlěi to accumulate
发挥 fāhuī to put to use
Liú zǒng hǎo ,hěn róngxìng jiàndào nín 。
Hello, Mr. Liu. I'm honored to meet you.
nǐhǎo ,wǒ yě hěn gāoxìng nǐ lái cānjiā jīntiān de miànshì 。wǒmen kāiménjiànshān ba 。nǐ wèishénme yìngpìn zhège zhíwèi ?
Hi, and I'm happy you've come in for the interview. Let's get right down to the point. Why are you applying for this position?
wǒ yīzhí dōu zài zuò shìchǎng ,jīlěi le yīdìng de zīyuán hé jīngyàn 。shìchǎng jīnglǐ zhège zhíwèi kěyǐ ràng wǒ fāhuī zìjǐ de zhuāncháng ,tóngshí yě néng wèi guì gōngsī dàilái jiàzhí 。
I've been doing marketing all along, and I've accumulated a certain amount of experience I can draw upon. The position of marketing manager would allow me to put my skills to use, while also bringing value to the company.
nǐ de zīlì bùcuò ,míngpái dàxué de gāocáishēng 。yòu zài kuàguó gōngsī gōngzuò guo 。kěshì zhīqián nǐ méiyǒu zuò guo guǎnlǐ gōngzuò 。
Your record is pretty good, a top-ranked student from a big-name school. You've also worked at a multi-national. But you've never played a management role.
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